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Portable Arcade Machine - Portable Multi Arcade Machine w/5k+ Games

Product Code: PORTABLE-ARCADE-5k
Availability: In Stock
Condition: New
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The latest in portable arcade machines, is this home arcade quality portable Pandora box arcade with 5k+ games. Portable All in One Arcade Machines features full metal build and arcade parts. If you ever wanted a serious portable all in one gaming on the go unit, that not only looks super cool and is built to last then this bad boy aims to please. You''ll find this mobile arcade console to be best for single person gaming, party or group gaming, and even the ability to HDMI out to any large screen TV set making this open source monster the best of the best.


Let's take a look at what this Portable Multi Arcade Machine is capable of.




What Can The Portable Arcade Machine Do?:


Featuring the ability to play games from the following:




- Neo Geo AES Games


- NEO Geo MVS Games


- 70's Arcade Games


- 80's Arcade Games


- 90's Arcade Games


- 2000's Arcade Games


- PS1 Games


- Super Nintendo Games


- Sega Genesis Games


- Original Nintendo Games


And so much more.


It gets even better, because these all in one portable arcade machines can even expand past the normal one player shown and allow for 2, 3 and 4 player game play for some classics like:




XMen The Arcade Game


Simpsons Arcade Game


Sunset Riders


Turtles in Time the Arcade Game


Street Fighter 2 


Street Fighter 3rd Strike


Marvel vs Capcom


and other great games that feature multi-player head to head game play.




What's In the Box of the Portable Arcade Machine


- Portable Arcade Console


- Extra Set of Arcade Replacement Buttons


- Power Adapter


- Carry Bag


It gets even better, because you can fully charge up your portable arcade to where it does not even need to be plugged in! That's right, it will run off the internal charged battery for hours.




So if you want the following:


- Arcade Quality Gameplay


- Ability to expand to add other wired USB Controllers or Arcade Sticks


- Clear 10 Inch Backlit Screen


- Lockable Folding Design


- Removable Arcade Joystick




Don't forget to check out our other home arcade machines built for extensive home arcade gaming.


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Have a question about this product? Ask here!
Question: Does this have marvel vs capcom?
By Lando on November 3rd, 2022
Answer: Yes
Question: can you take this to the park and play
By ace_andy70 on April 2nd, 2022
Answer: Yes, you can take this anywhere and play if it has been charged.
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