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PSP Go White Upgraded Jailbroken Modded Bundle Complete*

Brand: Sony
Product Code: PSP-GO-J-W
Availability: In Stock
Condition: Like New
At This Price Only For The Next
Only 4 Left In Stock

Please Select Available Options

* Add Open Source Game Card Collection:

More and more gems here at the ultimate retro games store is this upgraded Jailbroken White PSP Go in all it’s modded glory. Now you’ll have the true power to play a multitude of retro game consoles on this rare white PSP Go bundle that comes complete with everything you need to keep all your PSP games alive.

What Yout Get w/ White PSP Go Modded Bundle

- Like New Jailbroken PSP Go (totally region free)

- New Power AC Plug & Charging Adapter

- PSP Go Soft Carry Case

- PSP Go Protective Shell Outer Case

- Upgraded Custom Open Source Game Card*


*White Jailbroken PSP Go comes with 16GB memory but has ability to be custom upgraded with card adapter & 128GB or 256GB cards. Must choose option to checkout.


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Have a question about this product? Ask here!
Question: Does this have ps1 and psp games just curious or is it only old consoles and roms
By Itzzmikyt on April 20th, 2023
Answer: It has all CFW options
Question: Is this a Japanese import or a US region
By Taylorbaxton278 on April 20th, 2023
Answer: Universal. Has custom firmware.
Question: Two questions: are all the units in stock actually in like new condition? I'm interested in purchasing, but on the site it says there are no refunds. What if I get a unit that has a scratched screen? Can I return it at that point? Also, would it be possible to bypass the available options for the games collection? I'm not interested in any of the above, because I already have my own memory card that's ready to plug into the unit.
By sjsleiman on September 4th, 2022
Answer: Two answers. 1: The units are excellent. Like new means like new. So unless there was some serious defect then we would exchange it for you but we test everything that goes out the door here, so that would be a non issue. 2: No, not sure if you know this but the PSP go does not have a place for a normal memory card expansion. The system is hard modified past the internal memory which requires an internal memory card adapter that is done by a specialist. Since the PSP Go is DL only, you would have to purchase one of the memory options to make it the ultimate portable potential.
Question: Are there games included on system memory or only with a purchased memory card?
By unearnesthaak on May 15th, 2022
Answer: You choose your memory options below. The Lowest memory for PSP Go is 16GB. Obviously larger memory means much more space for more software.
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