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Universal Arcade Stick - Universal Joystick for PC, Android, PS3, PS4 XBOX One, & Switch

Availability: In Stock
Condition: New
At This Price Only For The Next

This is the ultimate universal arcade stick for all your retro gaming needs. Literally for the price, this little universal joystick packs a punch and works for all slew of consoles and gaming machines, like (but not limited to) the following and easily uses plug and play USB connection for:

PC (Windows 7 8 ,9, and 10)

Android Game Consoles (Like Super Console X, Arcade Gaming All in One Consoles)

PS3 / Playstation 3

PS4 / Playstation 4


And even the Nintendo Switch as a great arcade joystick solution.

Stop playing some of the great fighting games, and retro arcade games with poor controllers and pads that just don't feel right and do not offer you that true arcade joystick experience.


*Universal Joystick will work differently with every device. Arcade Joystick needs to be configured and buttons mapped according to the device you are using it with.

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Question: You say it is PC compatible, correct? MAME compatible, correct? USB plug and play and easy mapping, correct? I can actually take it apart and build an arcade cabinet around it, correct? Use my own buttons, correct? If you can answer YES to all these questions, I will buy THREE from you. [email protected]
By Chanceimru2 on January 28th, 2022
Answer: It is PC compatible. If you try and mod it or open it up in any way, we can’t guarantee performance in any way shape or form. It’s USB plug and play, and as for building an arcade cabinet, then that’s all you but we certainly can’t answer that “correctly” because it’s not normal use. But correct it does what it says.
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