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Super Nintendo Shells Breathe Life Back Into a 30-Year-Old Console

Published In: Retro Game News

Behold! Super Nintendo Shells are here to the rescue! Learn how can an SNES shell breath life back into a decades-old retro console.

Attention all SNES lovers! Now is the time to take out back the old worn-out dusty retro consoles from the long-hidden storage boxes and place them next to your gaming setup.

As of today, the Super Nintendo is over 3 decades old but, with its timeless appeal, has remarkably stood the test of time. Some of us still even play games on it. However, the prolonged relentless usage has ultimately given the once-pristine classic console a yellowish tint. This, in turn, has made it lose some of its luster and look heartbreakingly ugly.

Since the retro console is no longer in production, finding replacement shells has become a lot more difficult. Consequently, it deeply saddens us to accept the fate of SNES and store it safely away as a memoir of happy times.

BUT NO MORE! It is time to say goodbye to storing your beloved console away as a nostalgic keepsake.

Being retro enthusiasts ourselves, we have got something up our sleeves for SNES fans like you. At RetroGamingStores, we are excited to announce that the once-extinct Super Nintendo shells are soon going to hit our shelves!

If you are a SNES owner, now is your opportunity to order one for yourself and breathe life back into your 30-year-old console. Make it look like you just bought one brand-new Super Nintendo right out of the Nintendo production houses themselves!

About Super Nintendo

SNES Retro Console

Super Nintendo Entertainment System, often referred to as the SNES, is a home video gaming console developed by Nintendo in 1990. It was first introduced in Japan and South Korea, before being rolled out in North America, Europe, Oceania, and South America in the next following years.

The Super Nintendo gaming console is also known by other names as well. In Japan, it is known as Super Famicom, while in South Korea, it is known as Super Comboy. Notedly, the difference in their naming convention has also been coupled with slight variations in their regional models.

Together with other consoles of the time, Super Nintendo is part of the fourth generation of video game consoles. Being a successor to NES, SNES mainly competed with Sega’s Genesis.

Despite joining the market later than its competitors, the SNES quickly became the king of the 16-bit video gaming era and continued to perform remarkably well even when the 32-bit era started.

By the time it was fully discontinued in 2005, Nintendo had sold about 50 million consoles worldwide. Its most popular game, Super Mario World, sold approximately 20.6 million copies, reinforcing the SNES's place as a beloved piece of gaming history.

SNES Discontinuation and Problems

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System began to phase out of mainstream competition shortly after the launch of the N64 in 1996 by Nintendo. In 1998, the SNES was discontinued in Europe, followed by North America in 1999. Four years later, in 2003, the console was also discontinued in Brazil, Korea, and Japan. The official end of the SNES era came when it was discontinued in the UK in 2005.

As the console was no longer in production, the Super Nintendo quickly became a retro console but continued to be cherished by fans for its classic games and iconic design. Little did the fans know of the problems they were soon going to face.

Replacements Parts Started Disappearing

However, although the beloved console might have been abandoned by its developers at Nintendo, it continued to live in the hearts of its enthusiasts. After all, Super Nintendo was a revolutionary device back then that captivated users to it.

So, even after its discontinuation, retro gamers continued playing games on it. For some years ahead, everything seemed fine with the console as its replacement parts were sufficiently available at certain dedicated stores that had previously ordered them in bulk.

However, as time passed by, things started to get a little out of control. Stock parts for the Super Nintendo started running out and people could not find any shop from where they could potentially get their SNES retro console repaired, replaced, or fixed.

Consoles Taking on a Yellowish Tint

The continued decade-long usage of Super Nintendo has resulted in shells getting worn out. In most cases, the hardware casing has taken on a yellowish tint that gives off strange vibes from the retro console.

The reason behind it is the use of ABS plastic from which the retro console was originally developed. There is no rocket science here though. The resulting yellowish tint is because of the oxidization process that comes about when the ABS plastic body of the retro console is exposed to air for prolonged periods of time.

Also, Some Consoles Suffer Physical Damage

Furthermore, some SNES owners might have also broken their Super Nintendo shells either due to miscarriage, accidental slippage from hands or by some other means.

Of course, we are not going to dive into the complete list of possible reasons. What we mean is, that with the passage of time, the Super Nintendo console has become pretty much unusable.

And when compounded with its ugly yellowish shell, the broken hardware casing makes the console pitifully unwanted.  

Therefore, SNES Fans Yearn to Replace the Worn-Out Shells

And this brings us precisely to our next point. Despite their unconditional love for their retro consoles, SNES gamers cannot stand the sight of their yellowish Super Nintendo shells. Therefore, the need for having it replaced arises without any second thoughts.

Unfortunately, as of today, it is almost next to impossible to find a brand new fresh-looking SNES hardware casing, these retro enthusiasts have no other option but to simply store it away safely…

However, retro collectors might potentially have a few brand-new sealed-pack Super Nintendo consoles, but, given their hoarding profession, those iconic brand-new consoles are not meant to be played on!

The New Replacement Super Nintendo Shells

Being mindful of the above-mentioned heartrending reasons, we at RetroGamingStores have dedicated our whole-hearted efforts to providing a solution to this prevailing issue with the Super Nintendo owners.

After long hours of unwavering dedication, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of all-new SNES shells that breathe life back into your 30-year-old retro consoles! Taking advantage of modern technology, these exact-looking Super Nintendo shells are built with state-of-the-art precision and satisfying quality that brings you back right into the 90s era.

Available in 3 Colors

What’s more? The arrival of these all-new SNES shells comes in 3 distinct colors for your Super Nintendo console. These are the following:

  • Original
  • Transparent Black
  • Clear

Now you can finally replace your original worn-out yellowed Super Nintendo with any of the above fresh-looking Nintendo hardware casings.

Let’s assume you have a transparent black Super Nintendo console right now but wish for an original color. Now with the original SNES shell casing available at RetroGamingStores, you can now replace your previous transparent black Nintendo shell with it!

And the same goes for other colors as well.

Get Your SNES Shell at RetroGamingStores

So, it is time to say goodbye to all of the limitations that arose after the discontinuation of SNES Consoles by Nintendo. RetroGamingStores has the solution for all of your retro desires.

At RetroGamingStores, we are fully aware of the needs of our customers. Therefore, keeping in view numerous factors, we deliver our best in living up to the expectations of our customers.

As far as the Super Nintendo console is concerned, we also deal in selling its games. At our online store, you can find almost any SNES game you wish to play. Moreover, we also deal in SNES retro consoles as well in case you are wondering to buy one for yourself now that the Super Nintendo shells have arrived in our stock!

Reasonable Price and In Limited Production

At RetroGamingStores, you can find SNES shells and products at the most economical rates as well as in top-notch quality.

And just to let you know, even though our shelves are soon going to be brimming with Nintendo shells, they are not in unlimited supply. As soon as we can get them on our shelves, the supplies would last only a couple of weeks long.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website now before these SNES shells run out of stock again!

The Popularity of Super Nintendo Consoles

SNES Collection

Hailing from the 16-bit era, SNES was a revolutionary piece of hardware that successfully captured the heart of gamers back then. It was a commercial success that was launched with an introductory price tag of about $200 and peaked at almost 50 million unit sales.

As of today, according to Wikipedia, there had been a total of 1756 games officially released for the SNES console. Moreover, there were even some dedicated but small-scale cafes and LANs that featured SNES games.

But Super Nintendo was more than just a simple video game console. It was extremely popular due to a number of other factors as well. SNES consoles played a key role in bringing kids together and had an active impact on the contemporary social culture of the time.

Furthermore, the SNES brought people together and provided a common ground for people to bond over their shared love of video games. Whether it was playing with friends at home or competing against each other in cafes or LAN gaming centers, the SNES served as a social hub for players of all ages

In addition, playing SNES games with friends and family often led to memorable experiences and strengthened relationships. Since the games of the time were designed to be played together, the SNES console provided a means of encouraging players to work together and communicate with each other, promoting teamwork and interaction.

Also, back in the day, the SNES gaming console presented itself as a very lucrative option for adults to unwind and relax after having a hectic day at work.

Consequently, because the SNES console had a profound impact on kids and adults alike, its popularity skyrocketed. It brought people together, fostered communication and teamwork, and provided a fun and memorable experience for players of all ages.

Why It is Important to Preserve the Retro Console

Now, after such a long debate above, we come to our last point of discussion. Why are we going through the trouble of remaking the exact replicas of SNES Shells?

Given that there are a lot of better consoles as well as advanced games out there, why bother sticking with old consoles? Why it is important to preserve the retro consoles when we can virtually play their games on any platform now thanks to the internet?

It turns out that there is more to it than meets the eye.

A Crucial Part of History

First and foremost, every piece of tech equipment becomes part of history as soon as they are outdated or no longer supported. And preserving history is important for reasons that can be listed in innumerable points here, but we are not going into detail.

For now, it is enough to know that recording and preserving history is important. The SNES console is a retro console now, and hence, a part of history.

Nostalgia For Millennials

Moreover, there is a whole generation of kids that practically grew up playing games on these retro consoles. They have feelings, or more accurately “nostalgia”, attached to these consoles. And when nostalgia hits hard, there is little room for logic and reason.

These retro consoles helped shaped the contemporary generation as they spent time playing together, building friendships, and living the best moments of their life.

When a person adores something, it is very difficult for him to let go of it. Either he will keep using it or store it safely away. Throwing away was never an option. This is why preserving retro consoles is important.

And this is why we played our role by introducing Nintendo shells so that we can give these people a reason to keep on playing on their retro consoles while also preserving it.

Reference For the Future Developments

Also, whenever a new product is launched into the market, it inadvertently sets the ground for future advancement. Based on the current product, several new ideas can be derived and worked upon to further improve and refine the existing technology.

And this tradition has been in practice for ages. In the past, we progressed from the 8-bit era of video gaming to the 16-bit era. And from the 16-bit era, we moved into the 32-bit era of video games followed by the age of 64-bit consoles and so on…

This is why preserving the present retro console is important as it acts as a point of reference from where to start and improve further on.

Source of First-Hand Experience for Future Generation

Another point why preserving retro consoles is important is that future generations can have a better first-hand experience of what it was like to live in the earlier ages of gaming.

Where reading and watching videos help, nothing stands anywhere near to having a first-hand experience of testing something out yourself. Not even VR technology can provide that level of satisfaction which can be obtained via the direct physical experience.

Because People Love It

Lastly, and most importantly, the ultimate reason why preserving retro consoles is important is that people love retro consoles from the core of their hearts. Even though nostalgia plays a significant role here, there could be other reasons as well that may be unique to each individual that governs their unconditional love for their retro consoles.

What people love; they never forget. And what they never forget, always continue to live. And what continues to live, soon becomes a legend.

And as of today, Super Nintendo is nothing short of a legend! And it is the right time to breathe life back into the 30-year-old retro console with all-new Super Nintendo shells. Order yours now at RetroGamingStores.

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