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Why N64 Games Are Still Popular Today?

Published In: Retro Game News

Despite years since their launch, N64 games continue to thrive in the gaming community. Find out the reasons behind it in this article!

N64 games are native to the Nintendo 64 handheld gaming console that was first released in 1997 by Nintendo. Nintendo 64, as the name implies, is built on a 64-bit hardware console that practically redefined the gaming industry.

A new generation of games arose that were distinguished by their stunning 3D gameplay. 3D games were a wonder of the time as they brought us a step closer to modern gaming. The thrilling fun of this next generation of games got sealed into the heart of the millennials that still live up to today.

N64 games of the time were nothing short of a magic spell that established both a gigantic and loyal gaming community. Even modern kids today are taken aback by these legendary titles. Let us see why N64 games are still popular today.

N64 Games are PURE FUN

First and foremost is that these “now retro” N64 games were pure fun. Retro games do a good job of uplifting peoples’ moods. Playing such games affects mood in a good way that brings people closer to their family and friends.

Speaking of which, many people who grew up playing these iconic games in the 90s have their own families now. As the nostalgia hits, they want to play them again with their kids which provides a great way of bonding between parents and children.

N64 Games are SIMPLE

Another reason why N64 games are still popular today is that these games incorporate simple gameplay mechanics. With just a few buttons and simple combos, one can easily learn how to play the game. This is in sharp contrast to modern games where the plethora of so many buttons, complex combos, and even the option of advanced professional controller settings puts off so many younger kids who just want to enjoy the games.

Games are meant to be enjoyed and be a means of relaxation for people. And not to make them further tensed and tired. This is why N64 games are still popular today as they truly live up to this golden principle.


However, challenging games do not mean that they cannot be fun though. It is the way how the challenge is presented to the gamer that matters more. N64 games can be quite challenging at times and even the repetitive attempts at it prove insufficient. However, they do not depress players as the fun is always there each time the reattempt is made.


Apart from their challenging and fun gameplay, another reason why N64 games are still popular is this. N64 games implemented engaging gameplay and compelling storylines. Since the graphics were not that great, developers had all their attention devoted to creating creative game plots. As a result, retro games are filled with engaging gameplay that one cannot become easily tired of.


Yet another factor as to why N64 games are still popular is because they do not require beefy computers and heavy graphics cards to run them. Not everyone is super rich to afford expensive gaming PCs but everyone wants to play games. And this is where N64 games come to the rescue. If you can get your hands on a retro console, it is better, else, thanks to the internet and emulation, these games can even be installed on your low-end PC. Even better, they can be played online (without requiring any computational power at all) and, that too, for free!

For all of the above-mentioned reasons, this is why N64 games are still popular today! Where many modern games have now become long-forgotten, these retro games are timeless classics and are here to stay forever.

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