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Why Retro Games Are Some of the Best Games

Published In: Retro Game News

Ever wondered why retro games continue to thrive today? There's more to it than meets the eye! Find out the reasons behind why retro games are still unrivaled!

There is no doubt that, as of today, technology and game mechanics have progressed far enough to deliver some of the best real-life gameplay graphics and sound effects along with other massive improvements. Games like Last of Us 2 and Assassin Creed Valhalla are examples of games delivering some of the most visually stunning graphics and captivating soundtracks.

However, despite all this, retro games still continue to thrive without any real competition from their counterparts. And there is a good reason for this that why retro games are some of the best games even today.

No matter how many advanced modern games we play, people tend to always remember the first games they enjoyed during their childhood era. Retro games tend to make us re-experience how being an excited kid is.

Retro games simply hold an immense nostalgic value for millennial gamers. As a child, it was an era when our biggest worry was not yet to pay house bills but to save Princess Peach in the Mario World.

What are Retro Games

There is no hard line defining what retro games are but it is generally accepted that consoles that are now outdated and have become obsolete are considered retro consoles and the games they supported are known as retro games.

What Are Some Examples of Retro Games

Some of the most popular retro games are as follows: Mario World titles, Legend of Zelda series, Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog Games, Pac-Man as well as Final Fantasy titles.

Why Retro Games Are Some of The Best Games

Unique and Compelling Storylines

The foremost feature that makes the retro games stand out is their unique and engaging storylines. The gameplay of these retro titles stands in stark contrast to modern games.

Retro games focus on engaging players in their gameplay, effectively making them glued to it. Now it is worth emphasizing this point on my part. I am a 21-year-old gamer, and in my childhood time, PlayStation 2 was at its prime (of course, it has become obsolete now)

My 2 favorite titles were GTA San Andreas and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. Even to this day, these games secure the top 2 positions in my games priority list and I would do anything to get yet another chance to have a shot at these nostalgic games.

Both GTA and Max Payne featured unique, engaging, as well as compelling storylines. Even to this day, these retro games hold immense emotional value for me.

Simple Gameplay

Besides their engaging gameplay, retro games also implemented simple gameplay mechanics. This makes retro games suitable for all age groups. From children to the elderly, from males to females, everyone can easily grasp a command of the retro gaming control system. This is why retro games are some of the best games as everyone can play them.

For example, in order to play Pac-Man, one only needs to learn 4 movement control buttons: UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT. This is it and you have mastered the entire control mechanics of the game.

This is in sharp difference from modern games that integrate tons of control commands for one to learn first in order to play the game. And not to forget the option for enabling ‘advance’ control buttons for professional players. Consequently, modern games do not go well with children, women, as well as the elderly.

Easily Available and Low Spec Requirements

The fact that retro games can be played on any modern laptop or PC due to their low system requirements is yet another strong point proving why retro games are some of the best games.

For instance, Red Dead Redemption 2 requires a big allocation of 12GB Ram and 150GB of disk space. Now compare this with Pac-Man on Atari 8-bit game console where Pac-Man takes up only a mere 16KB (0.000016GB) of Ram…

Moreover, most people play games that are fun to play and not potentially depressing in nature. Many modern multiplayer games, such as Battlefield and Call of Duty often require one to give in their best to secure a top position on leaderboards. When unsuccessful, many teenage players go into depression due to failure.

Retro games are not like that. Even though they also prove challenging at times but they do not apply elements of depression and anxiety in their players. This is why retro games are some of the best games for people looking for a fun time.

In addition to this, thanks to the internet and emulation, retro game installation is way simpler and more convenient. There are no DLCs that users have to download separately in order to play. Retro games are a complete built-in model and are virtually available everywhere on the internet for free.

Fun With Family and Friends

One simple but great reason why retro games are some of the best games that you will ever come across is that these games are PURE FUN. Retro games do a good job of uplifting peoples’ moods and provide a means of relaxation. Playing such games affects mood in a good way and brings people closer to their family and friends.

Moreover, the simple fun nature of retro games does not mean that they are easy though. These old games can be quite difficult to beat. Without relying on any quick upgrades and power boosters, and with only three mere lives to spare, get ready for some worthy challenge that makes winning the game all the more rewarding.

For all of the above-mentioned reasons, this is why retro games are some of the best games out there. Due to the internet and their low system requirements, retro games are easily accessible from any modern device. Mobile versions of these retro games are also supported now. Why not get out there and try one out for yourself to see and experience the lively nature retro gameplay?

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