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The Best PSP Consoles to Buy

Published In: Retro Game News

Stuck between various models and colors of PSP consoles? Then allow us to guide you into making the best decision!

Sony’s PSP handheld game consoles are part of the seventh generation of video gaming consoles that first started their journey back in 2004 with the launch of the first-ever PlayStation Portable in Japan.

Since then, the consoles had been a critical and commercial success worldwide with Sony selling over 80 million (80,000,000) units over its ten-year lifetime!

Even though Sony discontinued the console in 2014, the fandom surrounding the PlayStation Portable consoles is not still not over yet. There is still a great demand for this handheld device.

As of 2022, the PSP consoles have become obsolete. Nowadays, it is very hard to find one, and even rarer to get your hands on a console in an almost brand-new condition.

Let this all not discourage you though. At Retro Gaming Stores, you can find many retro handheld consoles, including the PSP consoles, all in great working conditions as well as brand new ones.

Things To Consider When Buying PSP Consoles

Firstly, even though we have provided you with all the necessary information, we still recommend you carry out your own research. You need to know which online marketplaces are offering PSP consoles and at what prices and conditions. Many different product versions are available on the market today, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

To help make your decision easier, we have put together a list of questions that you should consider before buying a PSP console.

  • How much do I want to spend on a PSP Console?
  • What features do I need from a PSP?
  • Do you have any budget constraints to buy a PSP handheld device?
  • Are PSP consoles durable?
  • Do PSP consoles implement a friendly interface?
  • Does the marketplace from where you are buying the console offer any product warranty?

Benefits of having a PSP Console

If you are here looking for why to buy a PSP console today, let us help you out. The PSP consoles were not famous for nothing. They featured tons of new upgrades and improvements over their competitors.

-       Portability

Firstly, the light Portability of PSP consoles was one of the reasons for its success. The PSP consoles were aesthetically sleek, lighter in weight, and felt natural to be held in hands. And along with lighter portability came longer battery lives… all the more reason for the console’s hit success.

-       Wide collection of Games

Additionally, PSP consoles boasted a vast collection of games. Its ten-year long-life span and popularity among the customers made developers create tons of super hit games for the handheld console.

-       Strong Hardware Specs

Moreover, in terms of hardware specifications, PSP consoles feature two 333 MHz MIPS32 R4000 R4k-based CPUs and a 166 MHz GPU. The original RAM size was 32 MB but later increased to 64 MB in upcoming hardware revisions. There is also a supplementary 4 MB DRAM, shared by both the CPU and GPU.

-       Striking Colors Availability

Unlike many other handheld consoles of the time, Sony did not limit its users to a few mundane choices of 3 basic colors, namely white, black, and grey.

PSP consoles take pride in their vast array of color collections: Piano Black, Ceramic White, Ice Silver, Mint Green, Felicia Blue, Lavender Purple, Deep Red, Matte Bronze, Metallic Blue, Rose Pink, Pearl White, Mystic Silver, Radiant Red, Vibrant Blue, Spirited Green, Blossom Pink, Turquoise Green, and Lilac Purple…

-       Not just for Gaming only

Last but not least, with the PSP handheld consoles, you can stream audio, watch movies, store pictures, and even browse the internet! I know this is not a big deal now, but back in 2004, it was way more than a big deal! No other gaming console provided all these functionalities other than just mere gaming.

Specifications of models

All of the above information would have now probably made you just leave this article and head over to Retro Gaming Stores to buy one. Wait a moment. There’s one thing you need to know.

The original PlayStation Portable Console saw several hardware revisions, with each revision being better than before in one way or the other.

Models launched by Sony in the PlayStation Portable lineup:

  • PSP-1000 in 2004
  • PSP-2000 in 2007
  • PSP-3000 in 2008
  • PSP-N1000 in 2009
  • PSP-E1000 in 2011

Best PSP Consoles at Retro Gaming Stores

At RETRO GAMING STORES, you can get your hands on many PSP hardware models as well as in various colors.

Providing you with great customer and delivery services, at RETRO GAMING STORES, you will also find these consoles in very economical price ranges.

For our valuable readers we have accumulated the following links to see. Do check out the following ten great deals on the PSP Handheld consoles:

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  3. Buy Red PSP 3000 - Radiant Red PSP 3000 for Sale Here. (
  4. PSP Go White Upgraded Jailbroken Modded Bundle Complete* (
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  6. PSP 1000 Case - PSP 2000 & PSP 3000 Hard Protective Case (
  7. Buy PSP 1000 Complete Region Free - Black PSP (
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  9. Buy PSP 3000 Vibrant Blue. Vibrant Blue PSP 3000 For Sale Here. (
  10. Buy Black PSP 3000 - Sony PSP 3000 for Sale Online (
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