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The Benefits of the Super X Game Console

Published In: Retro Game News

Ever heard of Super X Game Console? No? Then learn about this miniature powerhouse today and get to know what this tiny machine is capable of!

Super X Game Console is a handheld video gaming console solely dedicated to running iconic retro games from the past. The retro console does a good job of emulating the games from all the major consoles of the retro era. As such, it can play games from PSP, PS1, N64, DC, NEOGEO, SEGA, MAME, GBA, GBC, GB, MD, SFC, FC, and so on. The list goes on.

The benefits of the Super X Game Console are many. Let us see them step by step.

Good Performance

Super X Game Console is a tiny console gaming device but let not its size deceive you. This cunning piece of small hardware packs a big punch in terms of its performance specification.

Super X Game Console features a Quad Core 1.5GHz CPU and 1GB RAM. It incorporates a Mali-450 graphics processing unit. Moreover, this retro console has 2 USB ports as well as an Ethernet port besides an HDMI Out port.

It may seem to you that the Super X Game Console might struggle with the games of high-end retro consoles such as PS1 and N64. However, thanks to efficient software programming and hardware integration, Super X Game Console has no problem handling high-end retro console games.

No Need to Buy Separate Consoles

Normally, if you want to relive the nostalgia and play your favorite games on a retro console, you have to buy each different console separately. Super X Game Console comes to your rescue here. As mentioned above, the Super X Game Console can run almost all the games from PSP, PS1, N64, DC, NEOGEO, SEGA, MAME, GBA, GBC, GB, MD, SFC, and FC.

In a single hardware machine, you get access to all of the major console games in one place.

Cheaper Price Tag

Continuing with the flow from the previous section, you may now wonder that since Super X Game Console is able to play so many games it may cost a good fortune to get one’s hands on it. However, this is not so.

Let’s compare. PS1 was launched with a price tag of $300 in 2004. Nintendo 64 was launched with a price tag of $200 in 1996. Moreover, SNES was also launched with a price tag of $200 in 1990.

And what is the price tag of the Super X Game Console? It is a mere $120! And, that too, keeping in mind the level of high inflation today!

Worth the Price

With all of the points covered above, we can say that the Super X Game Console, after all the features and benefits it provides, is definitely worth the money. Particularly, for retro gamers or those who will try out retro games for the first time, we strongly suggest you purchase Super X Game Console as your go-to handheld retro console.

Not sure where to look for it? No worries! Click here to book one Super X Game Console for yourself now!

Tons of Games

Wrapping up the article, the Super X Game Console is a must-buy piece for retro gaming. It provides tons of games in the palm of your hand. Plus, the strong hardware specs and efficient software and UI integration make it look all the more appealing to buy. You definitely won’t regret having this console next to your television!

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