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All Super Nintendo Donkey Kong Country Games - Donkey Kong 1, 2 & 3*

Brand: Nintendo
Product Code: DK-COUNTRY-123
Availability: Out Of Stock / Backorder
Condition: Like New
Backorder it!

At Retro Game Stores we curate the best of Super Nintendo. That starts with all the Donkey King Country Games. No mistake can be made that this is one of the best series on the Super Nintendo and now you can get them all in one bundle. Donkey Kong Country 1, Donkey Kong Country 2 and DK Country 3 are all ready to pop in an play like they just came out yesterday.


Super Nintendo Donkey Kong Games


Donkey Kong Country 1: 

The original classic that started it all. 

Donkey Kong Country 1 is the new side-scrolling platform game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System released originally  November of 1994. It was developed by Rareware (same company that made Killer Instinct) and published by Nintendo. The game features the favorite Donkey Kong and his new sidekick Diddy Kong.  The duo travels across Donkey Kong Island to recover their banana hoard, fearlessly stolen by the Kremlings and their evil ruler King K. Rool.

The action starts as you control  Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong (each with their own strengths and special abilities) as they travel throughout a variety side scroller platform levels in different environements. Game style  features include the ability to ride a variety of other animal characters and the ability to pick up and throw Barrels to defeat enemies and uncover hidden passages, expose new puzzles and rooms involving moving. Donkey Kong Country also excites the players to find all Bonus hidden Areas in the game's level to attain a 100 percent completion, a feature its sequels would greatly expand upon.


Donkey Kong Country 2:

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (DK Country 2) is the sequel in the Donkey Kong Country series originally released in 1995. It was again developed by Rareware and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Game System. As a direct follow-up to the original  Donkey Kong Country; this game stars Diddy Kong, as he his awesome girlfriend Dixie Kong, take their way through Crocodile Isle. They embark on the ultimate journey to save Donkey Kong from the Kremlins. 


Donkey Kong Country 3:

The final and 3rd Donkey Kong Country game for Super Nintenod is, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! DK Country 3 was originally released in November 1996. It was developed by Rareware (yup those Killer Instinct guys) and published by Nintendo for the Original Super Nintendo Game Console. In this version of Donkey Kong Country this one stars Dixie Kong and her toddler cousin, Kiddy Kong. This time these two travel through Northern Kremisphere to now save Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong from the Kremling Krew under the new leadership KAOS. (Man these Donkey Kong families just can't stay out of trouble!)


*All Super Nintendo Donkey Kong Country games are game only and re-issued.

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